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In the latest issue of Pro Metalli magazine (1/2024) a new customer case of BeamAce is presented again!

STH-Steel tells what significant benefits they achieve with BeamAce.







A modern Finnish machine shop must evolve continuously so that it has the keys for success. This was the mindset of Timo Prittinen, who came from the ICT sector to become the second owner of an Ostrobothnian machine shop STH Steel in 2017.

At that time, Prittinen became the vice president, responsible for development and quality. Sven Grankulla serves as the CEO, with a partical focus on sales.

“I had worked in the ICT sector for 30 years and I thought that there was a lot to be done in the machine shop sector. Many things in the shops are done the way they always have been done, when we should be considering how to do them better”, Prittinen sums up.

STH Steel, a company manufacturing steel structures, has indeed been making waves in recent years – and a fresh example of this is the completion of the company's third production hall at the turn of the year. The hall measures 1,500 square meters and has enough height to accommodate even the tallest steel modules.

”In the machine shop, everything starts with measurements.

In addition to this brand-new hall, other investments for the future have been made. In April 2023, the workshop acquired BeamAce, a digital layout measuring and marking tool for structural steel beams and profiles. The digital layout measuring and marking tool launched by Rockroth Oy at the end of 2022 enables that measuring and marking the location layout on a beam or profile for drilling, notches and parts to be welded can be performed very easily. The idea of BeamAce is to ease the marking process and minimize costly measurement errors which lead to remarkable annual savings.

Measuring is everything

Timo Prittinen points out that in the machine shop, everything starts with measurement.

"When producing demanding structures for customers, tolerances are really tight. A measurement error noticed during the installation phase can become very costly compared to the situation where measurements have been done correctly from the start."

Prittinen emphasizes the importance of a measurement process stripped of all unnecessary elements.

”From measurement, one must remove those aspects that could cause any sort of mental interruption. As a result, a measurement might be taken from the wrong place, or mental calculation might yield an incorrect result”, he offers examples of potential missteps.

It is precisely for this challenge that BeamAce brings a solution, because it

shows the real-time location of various marking tools in relation to the beam, in which case the correct locations of drilling and notching or parts to be welded to the beam can be marked easily and quickly. Additionally, the device's calculation capabilities facilitate the marking of correct locations, regardless of how they are presented in the drawings. The current version of the device is suitable for rectangular beams and profiles up to a nominal width of 300 mm.

What’s even better, marking can be easily done even in the beam’s web, which is typically the most troublesome area. With the square ruler designed to be used together with BeamAce, the measuring and marking can also be extended to the vertical sides of the beam.

An idea from the field

Andreas Stenroth from Rockroth Oy explains that the original idea for BeamAce emerged from the field: there was clearly a demand in the industry for a device that facilitates and enhances the measuring and marking of steel structural beams in steel structure manufacturing.

"We wanted to create a user-centric product that does not require extensive training or significant initial investments," he describes.

”Measurement errors noticed in the installation phase can become very costly.

The distributor of the product in Finland is Retco Oy. Awareness of the newcomer has largely spread through trade fairs – and this was also the case for STH Steel. The innovation showcased at the machine shop trade fair piqued interest, and a demo was ordered to Ostrobothnia in January 2023.

"We have a continuous, almost insatiable need in the company to always do things better. We were curious about BeamAce," Prittinen explains.

Half a dozen professionals who conduct the most measurements at STH Steel – precisely the target group whose lives the innovation should ease – were gathered to witness the demonstration. So, what was the outcome?

In the rigorous testing by the veterans

Prittinen remarks that in Ostrobothnia, everything is doubted – and especially a friend's word. However, despite the skepticism, there were enough tests done by a small group that left no doubt: the device is accurate and fast.

"Don't believe it until you see it. In the demo, we were convinced of the device's good qualities, and the idea of acquiring it began to take root."

However, the purchase decision wasn't made right away. It was carefully considered before proceeding. According to Prittinen, the device's concept is functional, and there is still potential:

"Perhaps in further development, automation can be added so that measurements can be directly obtained from images into the device", Prittinen envisions.

"But even as it stands now, BeamAce can ensure that measurements are made according to the drawings, regardless of in what relation or how they are marked on the drawings. This is a significant advantage."

Andreas Stenroth nods in agreement: there have been many improvement suggestions from customers, which are listened to with open ears and a grateful mind.

"Customers have clearly embraced BeamAce and want to participate in its development."

According to Stenroth, there are already many development ideas and alternatives for additional features, and at this stage, they focus on the most essential ones that bring the greatest benefit to users.

Results with the top-of-the-line innovation

Rockroth Oy's mission is to comprehensively develop innovative solutions that facilitate work and enhance productivity in the steel structure industry.

"Innovations that increase efficiency and well-being from within the industry are our thing now and in the future," Stenroth states.

BeamAce is also a big deal in terms of workflow thinking: when you can trust the measurement results, you can confidently move forward. Timo Prittinen has seen many times in the workshop that when making a new part, there's always a bit of hesitation at the beginning.

"Even though the steps of the work are identical for each piece, it's only by the eighth piece that the right pace is reached," he reveals.


  • Digital layout measuring and marking tool for structural steel beams and profiles.

  • The device is used to measure and mark the location layout on a beam or profile for drilling, notches and parts to be welded.

  • Speeds up and eases the measuring and marking process in a machine shop environment and reduces costly measurement errors.

  • Suitable for rectangular beams and profiles up to a nominal width of 300 mm.

  • Weighs approximately 12 kg

  • Dimensions: 514 mm (W), 421 mm (L), 345 mm (H)

STH Steel
  • Manufactures steel structures and performs their installations both locally and globally.

  • Certified for manufacturing CE-marked load-bearing steel structures in execution class EXC3.

  • Specializes in manufacturing steel structures for the construction industry and is a respected subcontractor for welded steel components for the manufacturing industry.

  • Special expertise in cost-effective modular steel structures, demanding structures, and welded steel components.

  • Employs 35 staff members.

  • Based in Luoto, Finland.


”What’s even better, marking can be easily done in the beam’s web.

Digital solutions like BeamAce are welcome because they force focus on the essentials – and thus break down the wall of procrastination.

"We want – even in this – to do the right things in series," he emphasizes. The old advice 'measure twice, cut once' can be thrown out with BeamAce, because the numbers are correct the first time. The ultimate truth about the location of the marking tool is constantly displayed on the device's screen, while the measurements change in real-time.

Streamlined work!

"Customers have learned to appreciate this 'ergonomics of thinking,' where the measurer no longer needs to calculate numbers from drawings to get the desired distance", Stenroth knows.

"Ease of use is important for enjoying and enduring work, but it also helps whenever new colleagues join the workshop."

STH Steel has invested in automation, and there are, for example, a few welding robots in the workshop. Prittinen points out that the company wants to offer employees "the best tools in the industry" for efficiency – but also to attract young people interested in new technology to the industry.

"The use of new technology is surprisingly significant when considering our recruitment advantages," he says.

Prittinen believes that the acquisition of BeamAce is part of this same technological boost: young professionals are certainly more interested in a machine shop that looks into the future rather than in the ‘rear- view mirror’.




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