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Customer case of BeamAce is presented in issue 4/2023 of Pro Metalli magazine

Karjalan Konepaja Oy tells about its experiences regarding the use and benefits of BeamAce, which is revolutionizing marking of beams in the manufacturing of steel structures.







A Finnish product innovation brings a new level of dynamism to machine shops. BeamAce, launched by Rockroth Oy at the end of 2022, is a digital drawing device that revolutionizes the measuring and marking of steel structural beams.

BeamAce is a digital layout measuring and marking tool for structural steel beams and profiles, making it easy to measure and mark the location layout on a beam or profile for drilling, notches and parts to be welded. This innovation speeds up and simplifies the marking process while reducing costly measurement errors, resulting in potential annual savings of tens of thousands of euros.

”Andreas Stenroth from Rockroth Oy states, 'BeamAce is also designed to be extremely user-friendly. Its use is very easy and straightforward, and its implementation does not require extensive training or significant initial investments.”

The basic idea behind BeamAce is to indicate the real-time position of various marking tools in relation to the beam. The device is suitable for rectangular beams and profile s up to a nominal width of 300 mm.

”Marking can also be easily done in the beam's web, which is typically the most troublesome area.”

When used together with BeamAce, a square ruler designed for the purpose measuring can also extend the to the vertical sides of the beam.

Results with the top-of-the-line innovation

Stenroth from Rockroth Oy explains that the original idea for BeamAce emerged from the field: there was clearly a demand in the industry for a device that facilitates and enhances the measuring and marking of steel structural beams in steel structure manufacturing. During the design process of the BeamAce product, a broader vision emerged within Rockroth Oy: to be a player that comprehensively develops innovative, work-facilitating, and production-enhancing solutions for the steel structure industry.

"We want to realize this vision and continue developing innovations that originate from within the industry," says Stenroth. The distributor of the product in Finland is Retco Oy.

Tough testing in Karelia

The BeamAce is a new product on the market, but it has already caused quite a stir in the industry. One of the machine shops impressed with the device is Karjalan Konepaja Oy, a medium-heavy metal industry contract shop from Parikkala. Jani Aho explains that the company was interested in the product innovation even during its pilot phase - and ordered a demo of the product in early summer 2023. The entire shift at the workshop gathered to see the demo: is this wonder machine really worth its reputation?

"We were impressed with what we saw. The device felt good right away and proved to be really competent. It's perfect for demanding measurement tasks," Aho praises.

"Everyone has gotten comfortable with the device quite quickly."

The professional team that followed the demo quickly gave their verdict: "We want this, no need to think about it any further." BeamAce arrived in the workshop in July, and since then, it's been seen hard at work, delivering impressive results.

"We had a suitable project for drawing holes right away, and since then, the device has been busy all the time," Aho explains.

Efficiency to a new level!

In late September, Aho reports that based on three months of experience, BeamAce is a real ace, especially in terms of time management and work efficiency.

"The truth is on the device's screen all the time as the measurement readings run in real-time," Aho grins, adding that even challenging measurement tasks have been handled excellently from start to finish. Aho emphasizes that the bravura is the web measurement:

"BeamAce is simply superior in web measurement - it absolutely outperforms old methods," Aho enthuses.

Throughout its usage, there have been no disruptions or anything to complain about. "I believe that thanks to this device, the number of defective pieces - and thus the number of complaints - will decrease even further."

Suitable for both veterans and newcomers

The ease of use also receives praise. "The entire team attended the training. At first, a couple of guys mastered the use of the device. From there, it quickly spread and became a favorite in the workshop," Aho explains.

Andreas Stenroth nods: the usual pattern is precisely that a couple of employees who received training then teach others. "The results have been good everywhere we've sold the device."

It helps that the device is designed to be simple, with three buttons and a power switch - making it easy for even old-school metalworkers to understand its operation.

According to Aho, learning to use it has taken at most an hour. "After that, we've gone straight to work," he laughs.

Immediately taking role as a production booster?

The device is so user-friendly that it only takes a day or two to get accustomed to it. After this, measurements go smoothly. "Everyone has gotten comfortable with the device quite quickly," confirms Aho.

Andreas Stenroth sees the excellent usability of the device as a significant factor not only for workplace comfort and ergonomics but for other reasons as well.

"If, for example, there is a lot of employee turnover in the workshop or new colleagues are constantly coming in, everyone quickly learns how to use the device," he knows.

Stenroth notes that potential customers often wonder how long it will take to get the device into productive use. Aho has a reassuring message for them:

"The device can be put into efficient use right away, so savings start to accrue immediately."


  • Digital layout measuring and marking tool for structural steel beams and profiles.

  • The device is used to measur e and mark the location layout on a beam or profile for drilling, notches and parts to be welded.

  • Speeds up and eases the marking process in a machine shop environment and reduces costly measurement errors.

  • Suitable for rectangular beams and profile s up to a nominal wid th of 300 mm.

  • Weighs approximately 12 kg.

  • Dimensions: 514 mm (W), 421 mm (L), 345 mm (H)

  • Battery life approximately 16 hours.

  • Charging time approximately 6 hours.


Minimal resistance to change

Stenroth is well aware that resistance to change can run deep in workshops where certain established ways of working prevail. However, usually just seeing the demo convinces skeptics, and firsthand experience with the efficient device melts away any remaining doubts.

"In the long run, resistance to change has been minimal everywhere we've been able to gather usage experience for about two weeks," he estimates.

Both Aho and Stenroth believe that the product is well-suited for workshops specializing in medium- heavy steel structures. For lighter assortments or, conversely, mega-heavy bridge construction projects, specialized solutions may be more suitable, potentially leading to the emergence of specialized operators in those sectors. With a maximum profile width of 300 mm, the usage area is quite effectively defined.

"We've received inquiries about larger devices as well. We'll see what the future brings," Stenroth remarks.

Export activities kicked off from Germany

Karjalan Konepaja eagerly awaits the product's next steps in development. "If there are any updates to the device, we are interested and open to new ideas," says Aho.

Andreas Stenroth reports that BeamAce has so far been delivered to a dozen machine shops, and demand is only increasing. For example, feedback from trade shows in Germany in the autumn was extremely positive:

"We knew the product was strong, but the popularity in Germany still surprised us." The first distributor and customer workshop in Germany were found on the same trip, and there is strong interest in other countries as well.

About to take off?

But the primary focus is still at home, where Stenroth predicts that BeamAce will bring smiles to many workshops. He notes that BeamAce is making a strong ascent against the current:

"Right now, it's not exactly a golden age for steel construction in Finland, but still, many companies have seen the undeniable benefits that BeamAce brings and have decided to acquire the device. That speaks volumes about the trust, and we're grateful for it," says Stenroth. He adds that the company intends to continue being worthy of that trust by investing in uncompromising product development.

"We create products based on Finnish engineering expertise and designed specifically for the Finnish machine shop world. Our development is on an upward trajectory, and there's much more to come," promises Stenroth.




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