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Steel structure square ruler

Rockroth TS300 is a square ruler specially designed for the needs of manufacturing and
installing steel structures.

Its wide contact surfaces reach over even the largest beam edge roundings to a flat surface,
allowing the square ruler to be precisely aligned and oriented in relation to the beam.

A special feature of the TS300 square ruler is that it has a notch at every millimeter of the measurement scale, so it can also be used as a marking gauge by pressing the tip of the scriber pen into the notch of the desired dimension and sliding the square ruler against the edge of the beam.

A laser-engraved clear measuring scale on the ruler body made of high-quality stainless spring steel guarantees top-class resistance against wear and shock.

The TS300 is also designed to work in conjunction with Rockroth's BeamAce digital layout measuring and marking tool, expanding its capabilities. You can see how the TS300 works with BeamAce
in the video on the BeamAce product page.

  • Clear 300mm long laser-engraved measuring scale


  • The width of the contact surfaces is 35 mm in both directions from the frame


  • Also works as a marking gauge


  • Ruler body made of high-quality stainless spring steel


  • Hand-fitting design


  • An absolute tool for every professional in the field of steel construction

Welcome to the modern manufacturingof steel structures

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